Martin Kahan
Communication Design

Process, Installation, Print

The purpose of my applied Master project is to introduce author’s design method of creation a visual content, which particular steps are presented in the form of author’s book. My project points to the way of liberation a designer from communication of understandable contents and the accent is focused on formal aspect of design work. Acquired experience is pivotal during incoming interpretation of visual images, designer is able to apply this derivative visuality into a new design work with new-built informative content and to create a new visual contexts in this way. Result of my work is present multiple approaches of applying author’s manners in creation which is my answer to the examinate sort of design works called – “fetish design”. The intention of my Master project is to bring an alternative view of creation a visuality.


Master project – Method / Metóda
Tutor: Palo Bálik
Photography: Peter Bališ
Typeface: Vaud
Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava